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We recognize you have options when it comes to the choice for your house of worship.  Accordingly, we try to be clear about who is welcome to make Allen Temple home.  If you are seeking answers in a world of religious diversity- you are welcome to seek alongside us.  If you have a solid relationship with God- you are welcome to continue your faith journey in community with us.  If you sense something is missing in your life, but just aren't quite sure what that missing piece is- try us out and you just might find that we are where it's at.

Here at Allen Temple, we strive to be a community of people who love one another- completely.  You will find members from all walks of life- single, partnered, divorced, widowed, you name it, we're all here.  You will find members of varying hues, a diversity of political views, all committed to loving God and one another through our varying differences.  We value and are committed to multigenerational ministry. Accordingly, we are intentional about creating opportunities for grandparents, grandchildren, and everyone in between to experience ministry that meets their needs. We believe that faith requires action beyond a worship experience. As such, our members are actively engaged in creating and sustaining meaningful change in the world around us.

Should you choose to make Allen Temple your place to go and grow, know that I look forward to being your pastor and a partner in your journey to a closer relationship with God.  I look forward to walking together as we experience deep and abiding love of God, neighbor and creation as people committed to community engagement that demonstrates faith in action.  Whatever you're looking for, we are where it's AT!

Godly regards,

Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden, MDiv, M.T.S.



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